EU-NORM II Presentations


  • Stéphane Calpéna: European Regulatory Approach For NORM presentation
  • Haridasan Pappinisseri Puthanveedu: Radiation protection issues in industries involving naturally occurring radioactive material – main findings of the NORM VII Symposium presentation
  • Ivana Ženatá: NORM Workplaces – The Current Situation in the Czech Republic presentation

Building materials

  • Bernd Hoffman: A simple dose assessment tool for construction products presentation
  • Cristina Nuccetelli: Radiological characterization of an ancient Roman tuff-pozzolana cave in Orvieto (Italy) presentation
  • Kees Oranje: Reuse of NORM-materials presentation
  • Tibor Kovács: Utilization of Manganese clay industrial by-product in building material industry presentation
  • Wouter Schroyers: The new European COST network ‘NORM4Building’ presentation


  • Hildegarde Vandenhove: Mobility and bioavailability parameter values for impact assessment for NORM sites: can they be predicted? presentation
  • Barbara Mazzilli: Lixiviation of natural radionuclides in columns of tropical soil amended with phosphogypsum presentation
  • Cristina_Tanzi: NORM bulk and external radiation: a proof of the sum rule for point sources at site boundaries presentation
  • Kallio Antti: Behaviour of radionuclides in sulphide-ore tailings in Rautuvaara, Finland presentation
  • Wu Qifan: A case study of radiological impacts arising from coal mining and combustion presentation

NORM sites

  • Horst Monken-Fernandes: The ENVIRONET and its support to Environmental Remediation Projects in the IAEA Member States
  • Matthew_Kozak: Radiological Safety Assessment of the Zapadnoe Uranium Tailings Facility, Dnieprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine presentation
  • Rafael_Garcia-Tenorio: Preliminary Steps in the Restoration of a Phosphogypsum Disposal Site: Radioactive Characterization of Leachates and Efflorescences Affecting the Surrounding Areas presentation
  • Stéphane_Pepin: Good and bad practices of decommissioning in the phosphate industry presentation
  • Almudena_Hierro Gutierrez: Radiological risk assessment to workers of a dicalcium phosphate industry presentation
  • Boguslaw Michalik: System of monitoring and control of the hazard caused by NORM in Polish coal mines presentation
  • Wonchul Choi: Aerosols Containing Natural Radionuclides in Coal-Fired Power Plant presentation
  • Jim Hondros: Practical Impacts of NORM Standards on Mining and Minerals Processing presentation
  • André Poffijn: Norm aspects of shale gas extraction presentation
  • Talal Al Mahayni: Impact assessment of a generic disposal design for the legacy radium production site in Olen, Belgium
  • Katerina Navratilova Rovenska: Radiological analysis of natural gas pipeline pigging products – Preliminary results
  • Vanusa Maria Feliciano _Jacomino: Remediation of NORM/TENORM Contaminated Sites in Brazil
  • Taavi Vaasma: Natural Radionuclides in the Combustion products of Oil Shale-Fired Power Plants in Estonia
  • Gert Jonkers: Oily Sludge (Mixed Waste) from Cradle to Grave – a Usable Solution
  • Gert Jonkers: Slag Wool from Cradle to Grave – arriving at a practical solution
  • Boguslaw Michalik: Effects of remediation in mining industry: investigations in abandoned and reclaimed settling pond presentation

Water treatment

  • Martin Neznal: Water treatment plants and NORM – Czech experience  presentation
  • Jörg Dilling: Naturally occurring radionuclides in the geothermal facility in the North German Bassin presentation
  • Antonio Nieto: Elimination and concentration of natural radionuclides in drinking water treatment plants presentation
  • Sebastian Feige: Radiation monitoring– an element to promote effective and safe operation of geothermal power plants

Measurement of NORM

  • Leo_van Velzen: Intercomparison of the applicability of equipment and analyze methods for the assessment of NORM in daily routine presentation
  • Gerti_Xhixha: Performances of a lightweight collimated γ-ray spectrometer for in-situ surveys presentation
  • Saroa_Rozas: An analytical method to determine activity concentrations of uranium- and thorium-series in the inhaled air during arc welding presentation

MetroNORM workshop “Metrology for processing materials with high natural radioactivity”

  • E_Mossini:  Intercomparison on standardized methods for natural radioactivity determination in buildings materials
  • K.J._Nowak:  Assessment of radiological parameters of natural stones in the context of their application as building materials