ENA brings together European expertise in the field of NORM

ENA is recognised as a counterpart for the industry


Mission Statement and Objectives of ENA

Promote and advance radiation protection in the context of exposure to NORM by operating as a European platform and forum for discussion, dissemination and exchange of information, training and education and by supporting scientific knowledge and new directions of research related to NORM issues.

The overarching objective of the ENA is to support the management of NORM in compliance with European standards and Member State legislation and according to best practice so that legal and regulatory uncertainty is minimised, and humans and the environment are protected in an optimised way that is acceptable to society.

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3rd ENA workshop

We are pleased to announce that the next ENA workshop will take place in Rome (Italy) from 15th to 17th May 2024. It will be hosted by the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) with the support of the Italian...

Next ENA webinar !

Derivation of nuclide-specific surface-clearance levels for the normal reuse of objects leaving the controlled area of a nuclear facility. by Teun Van Dillen (RIVM, the Netherlands) Abstract: In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear accident, the Dutch National Institute for...

One-day ENA meeting

SAVE THE DATE! 3 November 2023, we will have a one-day ENA event in Vienna at AGES. There will be some speakers, and the general assembly will take place on this day as well.   Further details and application forms...