1st Workshop

1st Workshop

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The 1st EANNORM – Workshop “European ALARA Network for NORM” took place in the conference centre of the Dorint Novotel in Dresden (Germany) from 20th to 22nd November 2007. The workshop was organized by the IAF-Radioökologie GmbH and HGN Hydrogeologie GmbH. The State Minister Mr. Stanislaw Tillich of the Saxonian State Ministry for Environment and Agriculture was the protector of the workshop. 76 experts from 16 European Countries and 2 experts from Kuwait attended the workshop. The presentations are available below.

1. Session: ALARA and the importance of experience exchange and networking

 Janssens A.: Progress with the revision and consolidation of the European Basic Safety Standards and the role of networking for their practical implementation

Lefaure C.: Experience of the European ALARA Network (EAN) IAF/HGN/RDS: The European ALARA Network for NORM (EANNORM): Concept, possibilities and next developments (state of project)

Seitz A.: Industrial safety and radiation protection – conflicting or complementary regulations

Mobbs S.: Establishment of reference levels for regulatory control of workplaces where materials are processed, which contain enhanced levels of naturally occurring radionuclides (Radiation Protection 107)

2. Session: Experience of industries dealing with NORM

Lefaure C.: Strategies and methods for the optimisation of exposure at work in the NORM industry – the SMOPIE-Project

Steffan E.M.: Experience in handling with NORM and dose control in the oil and gas industry

Welbergen J.: Dose control in the NORM industry in the Netherlands

García-Tenorio R, Bolivar J.P., Abril J. M.: Experience of the phosphate industry dealing with NORM in Spain

Van der Houwen J.: Experience of the phosphate industry dealing with NORM in the Netherlands

Poffijn A.: Experience concerning NORM in the non-ferrous industry (in Belgium)

Wieters C.-U.: Experiences and expectations of hot metal Industry

Brandl A. and Hefner A.: Assessment of workers exposed to NORM – Implementation and first experience of the ÖNORM S 5223

3. Session: “Future regulations and requirements for NORM industries and disposal companies”

Wymer D.: International BSS and IAEA requirements and guidance

Wiklund Å.: Revision of the European Basic Safety Standards with regard to NORM

4. Session: Experience of the authorities in the execution of the radiation protection legislations in the NORM industry

Hefner A. and Brandl A.: Experience in Austria

Ženatá I.: Experience in the Czech Republic

Matouk F.: Experience in France

Gehrcke K.: Experience in Germany

Möre H.: Experience in Sweden

Martin-Mattarranz J.L, Garcia-Talavera M.: Experience in Spain

Trotti F.: Experience in Italy

Gellermann R.: Experience in Europe – Presentation of first results from the Questionnaire on the optimisation of radiation protection in NORM-industries

5. Session: Transport and NORM disposal in Europe

Kunze C., Kahnwald S.: Transport and disposal of NORM/TENORM

Varskog P.Norway’s disposal site for oil industry NORM

Richter J.: Mercury recycling of sludges of the gas industry and the disposal of residues

Probst T.U.: Problems of disposal of NORM residues – the view of the waste management industry