Radionuclides of natural origin are ubiquitous in both working and public environments, although their activity concentrations vary considerably. Exposures to natural sources are in most cases not a matter of regulatory concern. However, there are situations where exposures to natural sources may require consideration as to whether controls should be applied. In many cases either raw materials are containing elevated levels of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) or during processing of raw materials the level of natural radionuclides gets enhanced (also referred to as TENORM (technically enhanced NORM).

Over the last decades the attention for NORM has been broadened resulting in a growing interest in this topic from stakeholders such as NORM industry, researchers and authorities. This interests is one of the reasons that in many places throughout Europe (and abroad) many universities, institutes and industries as well as governmental bodies are involved in research & development in NORM related topics. Moreover, on a large scale also experiences with NORM are gained on topics such as the occurrence of NORM, measurement methods, management approaches and industry specific treatments. It is the aim of the EU-NORM to organise symposia in order to bring together experts as well as interested persons who have an interest in the wide scope of NORM related subjects.

This website will be used to inform you on the coming EU-NORM symposia as well as all kind of other relevant information considering NORM such as the proceedings of past NORM symposia or links.

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