NORM VI Marrakech

NORM VI Marrakech

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General programme

Monday 22-03-2010

Opening Session

Session 1     Operational Radiation Protection

Tuesday 23-03-2010

Session 2     Regulatory aspects

Session 3     Transport of NORM

Wednesday 24-03-2010

Session 4     Management of NORM Residues

Session 5     Use of NORM Products & Residues

Thursday 25-03-2010

Session 6     Concluding session


Opening Session

Revision of the International Basic Safety Standards and Implications for Exposure to Natural Sources  Abstract

Dissolution of radioactive deposits from the chemical transformation of phosphate

The research work of the Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech Abstract


Session 1: Operational Radiation Protection

The use and management of NORM residues in processing Bayan Obo ores in China  Abstract    Presentation

Naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) used in French industrial facilities: uranium and thorium series activity concentrations and associated occupational exposures   Abstract Presentation

Ecological and radiological consequences of half-century operation of monazite storage facility  Abstract

NORM Management in the Oil and Gas Industry-Saudi Aramco experience

Personal Dosimetry to radiation workers Upgrading old petroleum oil field  Abstract   Presentation

Occupational Exposure Assessment in a Titanium Dioxide Plant Located at the South-West of Spain   Abstract   Presentation


Session 2: Regulatory aspects

Legal Aspects of NORM/TENORM Regulation in the United States Presentation

Development of NORM management in Australia Abstract Presentation

Principles for Specific Clearance used in Proposed NORM Regulations Abstract   Presentation 

Human Exposure to radioactivity from mining and industrial residues  Abstract   Presentation

Identification of NORM facilities in Bulgaria – methodical approach and results  Abstract    Presentation

European Waste Catalogue – a platform for a common approach to NORM and other industrial waste  Abstract    Presentation

Towards an Evidence-based Score-card for Aligning Risk Management and Sustainability Goals for Essential NORM Industries: Case Study – Phosphates    Abstract

Management of metallic scraps contaminated with natural radionuclides  Abstract     Presentation


 Session 3: Transport of NORM

Safety of Transport of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material  Abstract Presentation

NORM transportation in the Port of Antwerp: from Megaports to a special-purpose measurement methodology  AbstractPresentation 

Transport of naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in France and involved doses Abstract 


Session 4:  Management of NORM Residues

A global overview of NORM residue remediation and good practice  Abstract   Presentation

A Study on Evaluation Methods for 210Pb Accumulation in Adsorbents of Natural Gas Treatment Process   Abstract

Practical issues for dealing with (TE) NORM in the Netherlands Abstract   Presentation

Environmental burden of NORM residues  Abstract  Presentation

A mathematical tool for simulating the dispersion of NORM releases in the marine environment: application to the western Alboran Sea   Abstract 

The guidance of the OCP for NORM

Identification, handling and disposal of NORM in Norwegian petrol industry Abstract    Presentation


Session 5:  Use of NORM Products & Residues

Fluxes of the U-238 series within the Dicalcium Phosphate industrial production and the biokinetical analysis of Pb-210 and Po-210 in broilers due to its ingestion  Abstract   Presentation

Transfer factors of natural radionuclides from soils to crops cultivated at the Cerrado region, Brazil  Abstract

Radiological Assessment of Phosphogypsum as a Building Material Abstract

Physicochemical and radioactive characterization of co-products from a titanium dioxide NORM industry for their valorization in cement manufacturing Abstract    Presentation

Radiation Exposure from the Use of NORM in Building Materials in Germany Abstract    Presentation

Radioactivity in Phosphogypsum and the Recovery of Sodic Soils of Brazilian Semi Arid Environment Abstract    Presentation


Session 6: Concluding session

Uranium mill tailings remediation in Central Asia    Abstract

Extraction of uranium from phosphoric acid: the good practice Abstract   Presentation

Revision and recast of the Euratom Basic Safety Standards: status report and public consultation  Abstract   Presentation

NORM-specific Approach to Education and Training Needs in NORM Industries  Abstract 

Overview of the Symposium