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The IAEA Network of Environmental Management and Remediation (ENVIRONET) was created to inspire countries to share their knowledge and experience as well as to promote and facilitate collaboration and better conditions for implementing environmental remediation projects.

Within ENVIRONET, a project dedicated to NORM has been initiated. The Terms of Reference (ToR) of the ENVIRONET NORM Project can be downloaded here.

Contact the Project Chair, Karen Smith (Argonne National Laboratory, USA), or the Scientific Secretary at the IAEA, Horst Monken Fernandes for further information.

To get access to more IAEA ENVIRONET resources, it is recommended to register at the IAEA CONNECT platform. ENVIRONET is also a group on LinkedIn.

The IAEA Regulatory Forum for Safety of Uranium Production and NORM (REGSUN) aims to help build capacity in all Member States undertaking or considering uranium production or the management of NORM activities and NORM residues. The forum would promote good regulation and safe and environmentally responsible practices, through the application of IAEA Safety Standards.

IAEA webinars on Occupational Radiation Protection address NORM topics such as: Development of a regulatory framework for Naturally occurring radioactive material – experience of the United States  and Realistic dose assessment in industrial activities involving NORM. 

The main objective of the COST Action NORM4Building is the exchange of multidisciplinary knowledge and experiences to stimulate the reuse of NORM residues in new tailor-made sustainable building materials in the construction sector while considering exposure to external gamma radiation and the resulting indoor air quality.

The European Joint Research Project MetroNORM focuses on the development of new traceable, accurate and standardized measurement methods and systems, emphasizing in-situ applications.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission has published the European Atlas of Natural Radiation. The Atlas describes the different sources of natural radiation and represents the current state of knowledge on this topic. It also contains maps of Europe that show the levels of natural background radiation from various sources. Furthermore, it provides reference values and harmonized datasets to the scientific community and national competent authorities.

The European Radon Association (ERA) aims at serving the interests of the European radon community.

The European ALARA Network (EAN) has been created by the European Commission to further specific European research on topics dealing with optimization of all types of occupational exposure, as well as to facilitate the dissemination of good ALARA practices within all sectors of the European industry and research.

Companies and organisations

The EAN-NORM website is maintained by IAF-Radioökologie GmbH, a leading radionuclide laboratory accredited under ISO 17025 that also provides bespoke consultancy and training services in the field of natural and artificial nuclides.

European Commission DG Energy – Radiation Protection

World Health Organisation (WHO) – Ionizing Radiation

International Commission on Radiological Protection

International Radioation Protection Association

Nick Tsurikov’s Calytrix Consulting website contains useful links to regulatory documents of many countries, scientific papers related to NORM and other NORM industry resources.

Industry associations related to NORM

Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center

Zircon Industry Association