3rd Workshop

3rd Workshop

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The 3rd EANNORM – Workshop was held from 23th to 25th November 2010 in Dresden. It has been organised and hosted by IAF-Radioökologie GmbH and supported by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection Germany. This workshop was dedicated to the topic “Scenarios for Dose Assessments in the NORM industry”. Its main goal was to familiarise the participants with different approaches developed for dose calculations in the NORM industry and to discuss the question on whether a harmonization of these approaches should be pursued or not. 45 experts coming from 14 countries took part in the discussions and shared their experiences.

All talks had a length of 45 minutes including ample time for discussion. Each daily session was finished after a special round table discussion of about 1 hour on “burning questions”. The talks reflected a wide range of situations in which the presence of NORM can cause a radiation exposures to workers and/or to members of the public at a level which cannot be ignored from the radiation protection point of view. The presentations of the EANNORM Round Table Workshop on “Scenarios for Dose Assessments in the NORM industry” are available below.

Tuesday, November 23rd

Schulz, H. (IAF, Germany): Address of welcome and information

Steffan, E. M. (EXXON MOBILE, Germany): Risk Evaluation Process – Assessment of Work activities with NORM in E & P – Industry

Schulz, H. (IAF, Germany); Mothes, W. (GMR, Germany): Dose assessment for workers at mercury recycling of sludge and scale from natural gas production

Varskog, P. (Norse Decom, Norway): Exposure to radiation in an underground NORM repository

Köhler, M. (VKTA, Germany): Effective doses for the employees of a geothermal heating plant

Welbergen, J. (COVRA, The Netherlands): Calculation of doses scenarios in Zircon industry in Netherlands

Döring, J.; Kümmel, M. (BfS, Germany): Dose assessment for working areas in Zr-sand and oil & gas industries

Kreh R. (Siempelkamp Nukleartechnik GmbH, Germay): Estimation of personal dose while processing NORM-contaminated metal scrap

Schwela, U. (T.I.C., Belgium): Exposure scenarios in tantalum raw material transport

Weiß, D.; Feige, S. (GRS, Germany): Scenarios concerning the transportation of NORM in Germany

Vandervelpen, C. (NuTeC, Belgium): Presentation of Eur-NORM project

Wednesday, November 24th

Kunze C. (WISUTEC, Germany); Schmidt P. (WISMUT, Germany): General experience with exposure scenarios for radiological analyses in remediation projects in countries with severe financial constraints

Schmidt P.; Regner J. (WISMUT, Germany): Specific approach to assess the exposure of the local population around a legacy uranium tailings pond in Kitwe (Zambia)

Pepin St.; Dehandschutter B.; Poffijn A.; Sonck M. (FANC, Belgium): The methodology for dose-assessment for NORM industries and NORM contaminated sites in Belgium

Schroeyers, W.; Pellens, V.; Clerckx, T.; Hulshagen, L.; Vandervelpen, Ch.; Schreurs, S. (NuTeC, Belgium): Input for practical dose-assessment in NORM industries

Mora, J. C. (CIEMAT, Spain): Considerations on uncertainties in dose assessments for NORM industries

Jensen, M. (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, Sweden): Scenarios and dose calculations supporting the Swedish suggested regulations for disposal of NORM

Möre, H. (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, Sweden): Proposed regulation of handling of peat-ash and tree-ash in Sweden and its justification

Rivas, R.; Vial, E. (ASN-IRSN, France): Assessment of exposure to ionising radiation in NORM industries in France

Nilsen, M. (NRPA, Norway): New regulations and guidelines for NORM in Norway

Gellermann, R.; Leopold, K. (FUGRO-HGN, Germany): Assessment of contaminations of environmental media by NORM

Leopold, K.; Gellermann, R. (FUGRO-HGN, Germany): Scenarios and models for radium accumulation from groundwater

Thursday, November 25th

Nuccetelli, C. (ISS, Italy); Alessandro, M.D. (CNR, Italy); Risica, S. and Trevisi, R. (ISPESL, Italy): Gamma dose from building material: An improved room model, robustness of RP112 index I and radiation protection consequences

Hoffmann, B.; Wichterey, K. (BfS, Germany): Building materials: Dose assessments with different models

Zenata, I. (State Office for Nuclear Safety, Czech Republic): The Treatment of Drinking Water from the Perspective of Radiation Protection. Current Situation in the Czech Republic

Albrecht, E. (Bavarian Environment Agency, Germany): Waste combustion of organic NORM

Casacuberta, N. (Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals, Spain): Production of dicalcium phosphate and its use as a food supplement for domestic animals in the NORM context

Michalik, B. (Central Mining Institute, Poland): Radiation risk monitoring and assessment in coal mining industry