4th Workshop

4th Workshop

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The 4th EANNORM  – Workshop, organised and hosted by NuTeC – XIOS Hogeschool Limburg in cooperation with IAF-Radioökologie GmbH, was held from 29th November to 1st December 2011 in Hasselt (Belgium). This workshop was dedicated to “Transportation of NORM, NORM Measurements and Strategies, Building Materials”. 84 participants from 18 different European countries took part in the discussions and shared their experiences.

1. Session: International aspects of NORM

Janssens, A. (EC): Current status of the revision of the BSS

Haridasan, P. P. (IAEA): Implications of the revised international basic safety standards on natural sources

2. Session: Transportation of NORM

Schwela, U. (Tantalum-Niobium International Study Centre, Belgium): Denial of transport of NORM’

Steffan E.-M. (EXXON MOBILE, Germany): Classification, Labelling and Packaging of NORM Production Residuals from Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production

Fias, P.; Pepin, S. (Controlatom – FANC, Belgium): NORM transportation in the port of Antwerp: overview and lessons

Welbergen, J. (COVRA, The Netherlands): International transport of radioactive materials including NORM

Nilsen, M. (NRPA, Norway): Transfrontier shipment of NORM waste

Weiss, D. (GRS, Germany): Exposure of Workers from the Transport of NORM in Germany

3. Session: NORM Measurements and Strategies

García Tenorio, R. (University of Seville, Spain): Occupational and Public Exposure Assessment in a Spanish Titanium Dioxide industry: a case study

Kunte, A. (LfU, Germany): Industrial uses of zircon and zirconia and the related exposure in Bavaria

Natvig, H. (NRPA, Norway): Measurements of NORM in the Oil and Gas Industry

Smits, B. (AF Decom, Norway): NORM Management in Decommissioning of Petroleum Installations

Reichelt, A. (TÜV, Germany): Sampling and sample preparation of NORM residues

Casacuberta, N. (University of Barcelona, Spain): Study of a dicalcium phosphate industrial plant in the NORM context and within the regulatory Spanish framework

Sidhu, R. (IFE, Norway): NORM services provided by Institute for Energy Technology

4. Session: Disposal of NORM

Pepin, S. (FANC, Belgium): Belgian acceptation criteria for NORM residues: theory and practice

Hiller, P. (NNL,UK): NNL’s Systematic Approach to the Characterisation, Treatment and Disposal of Radioactive Wastes and its Application to NORM.

Prlic, I.; Vučić, Z.; Hajdinjak, M. (IMI, Croatia): A practical simple ambient dose rate mapping method to assess the area of pockets containing enhanced concentration activities of NORM at a large slag and ashes deposition site

Gellermann, R. (FUGRO Consult, Germany): Control of masses, activities and doses during remediation measures at a radioactive contaminated site in Hannover

Varskog, P., Schulz, H. (Norse Decom AS, Norway – IAF, Germany): Radon in an underground NORM Repository

Michalik, B. (GIG, Poland): The fate and behaviour of NORM with respect to environmental protection

5. Session: Building Materials

Poffijn, A., Vanmarcke H., Wiegers, R. (FANC, SCK-CEN, Belgium, IBR, The Netherlands): The revision of the EU-BSS and its implications for the building industry and the EU-society

Hoffmann B. (BfS, Germany): Radon Exhalation Measurement and Assessment of Building Materials: why and how?

Nuccetilli, C. (ISS, Italy): Natural radioactivity in building materials in the European Union: a database and an estimate of radiological significance

Mora, J.C. (CIEMAT, Spain): Radiological impact of fly ashes from coal combustion

Pontikes, Y. (KULeuven, Belgium): Radioactive elements in Bayer’s process bauxite residue and their impact in valorization options

Bolivar, J. P. (Universidad de Huelva, Spain): Minimization and elimination of NORM waste from titanium dioxide industry through their valorisation in final commercial products

Stals, M. (NuTeC-XIOS, Belgium): The use of portable equipment for the Activity Concentration Index determination of building materials: Methodology and first results

Vuorinen, P. (CEN/TC 351/WG 3, Finland): A method for the determination of the activity concentrations of the radionuclides 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in construction products using semiconductor gamma-ray spectrometry

V. Jobbágy (IRMM, Belgium): NORM measurements and its possible difficulties