7th Workshop

7th Workshop

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The 7th workshop of the EANNORM network since 2007 was held from 4th to 5th December 2014 at the Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste (COVRA N.V.) in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. The workshop was devoted to “Disposal of NORM in EU member states”. Around 63 participants from 15 different countries attended the workshop. The abstract of the presentations are available below.

Tuesday, December 4th

Zhiwen Fan, (IAEA, Vienna): Long-term Management of NORM Residues

Charlotte Cazala, (IRSN, France): Euratom directive 2013/59 transposition regarding NORM

Geert Biermans, (FANC, Belgium): The Belgian regulatory approach to natural radioactivity in industrial groundwater use

Boguslaw Michalik, (GIG, Poland): The IAEA-tecdoc-1712 in the light of new European BSS

Tobias Hein, (BRENK, Germany): Disposal of NORM contaminated filter strainer cloth in compliance with German regulations

Rainer Barthel, (BRENK. Germany): Activity levels and disposal of NORM waste from waterworks according to criteria for drinking water quality and German regulations for radiation protection and transport of radioactive material

Markus R. Schmidt, (BfS, Germany): The impact of NORM on radioactive waste disposal in Germany

Cristina Nuccetelli, (National Health Institute, Italy): Some examples of phosphate residue disposal in Italy

Anne Delos, (ARCADIS, France): Different options for NORM waste disposal

Wednesday, December 3th

Mark Elert, (Kemakta Konsult AB, Sweden): Evaluating the suitability of NORM disposal options using coupled migration and dose calculations

Thomas Streil, (SARAD, Germany): Mobile Unit for Site Characterization in Environmental Remediation Projects

Boguslaw Michalik, (GIG, Poland): The unique properties of standard samples made from special NORM waste

Boguslaw Michalik, (GIG, Poland): The multi-criteria feasibility study of a safe utilization of NORM waste on example of radium rich sediments from coal mining industry

Juan Carlos Mora, (Ciemat, Spain): Generic dose conversion factors to be used in the incineration of NORM waste

Geert Biermans, (FANC, Belgium): Reuse of filter-cake from titaniumdioxide industry: technical and regulatory aspects

Kees Oranje, (Van Gansewinkel Minerals, Netherlands): Reuse of NORM materials 

Thursday, December 4th

Stephane Pepin, (FANC, Belgium): Use of high-pressure water-jetting in decontamination of phosphate facilities

Ernst-Michael Steffan, (EXXON, Germany): Handling and disposal of NORM Waste from E & P Industries in Germany

Juan Carlos Mora, (Ciemat, Spain): Is the dilution of NORM residues an option for their management

Per Varskog, (Norwegian Oil & Gas Association, Norway): NORM storage and disposal in Norway

Sjoerd de Jonge, (Radiatco, Netherlands): Useful applications of NORM´s


Friday, December 5th – EANNORM TOPICAL DAY, “Building Materials”, Vlissingen

Rob Wiegers, (IBR, Netherlands): Revision of the BSS: impact for the building industry

Wouter Schroeyers, (NuTeC, Belgium): How to evaluate reuse pathways for NORM in building materials in the framework of COST action NORM4Building

Cristina Nuccetelli, (ISS, Italy): Use of indexes for building materials containing NORM residues and radon issue

Karin Wichterey, (BfS, Germany): Practical Approach to Dose Assessments Resulting from Building Materials

Stephane Pepin, (FANC, Belgium): Belgian regulations on NORM recycling in building material: current situation and challenges from the EU BSS