NORM V Sevilla

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General Programme

Monday 19-03-2007

Opening session

 Session A    Processing and Use of Thorium

Session B     Processing and use of Zircon and Zirconia

Tuesday 20-03-2007

Session C    Production of Titanium Dioxide

Session D     Extraction and processing of rare earths

Session E     Extraction, processing and use of phosphate minerals

Wednesday, 21-03-2007

Session F    Recycling of contaminated scrap. Waste Management

Session G    Miscellaneous 1

Thursday, 22-03-2007

Session H    Miscellaneous 2


Opening session   Managing Exposure to NORM—Consensus or Chaos?

 Session A: Processing and Use of Thorium

V.a.1    Thorium Applications in Spain

V.a.2  Radiation Exposure at Production and Use of Thoriated Gas Mantles

V.a.3    Thorium and uranium bioaccumulation in wheat and rye plants

Session B: Processing and use of Zircon and Zirconia   The Industrial Uses of Zircon and Zirconia, and the Radiological Consequences of these Uses

V.b.1     Radiological Assessment of Zircon and Associated Minerals Processing in Nigeria

V.b.2     Radiological Impacts Associated with Zircon Sand Processing Plant in Brasil

V.b.3     Radioactivity Measurements Campaign on Ceramic Industries: Results and Comments

V.b.4     NORM in Italian Tiles and Refractories Industries

V.b.5     Determination of Radon Specific Exhalation Rate from Italian Ceramic Tiles

Session C: Production of Titanium Dioxide   Production of Titanium Dioxide

V.c.1    Radiological Implications due to Thorium in Titanium Mineral Separation and Chemical Processing

Session D: Extraction and processing of rare earths   Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in the Extraction and Processing of Rare Earths

V.d.1    The Deportment of NORM in the Processing of a Phosphate Ore Containing Rare Earths

V.d.2   Lung types of Thoron Daughters in Monazite Storage Facility

Session E: Production of Titanium Dioxide   Inhalation Doses and Regulatory Policy in Wet-Acid Processing of Sedimentary Phosphate Rock

V.e.1     Radioactivity in the Phosphate Field: Actions undertaken by IMPHOS

V.e.2     Public Exposure from Mines Operated on an Igneous Ore Body

V.e.3    Towards a Management and Regulatory Strategy for Phosphoric Acid and Phosphogypsum as Co-products

V.e.4    Radiological Assessment of the Agriculture Use of Phosphogypsum in S.W. Spain. Results of a Three-year Field Experiment

V.e.5     Redissolution of 226Ra from Sediments in a Spanish Estuary Affected by the Phosphate Industry: Model Comparisons in the Frame of the IAEA EMRAS Project

Session F: Recycling of contaminated scrap. Waste Management

PL/6   Radiological Control of Metal Scrap: “The Spanish Protocol”

V.f.1     Estimation of Personal Dose while Processing NORM-Contaminated Metal Scrap

V.f.2     A Study Concerning NORM in Integrated Steelworks

V.f.3    Radiological Impact Assessment for Landfill Disposal of NORM Wastes in Malaysia

V.f.4     Treatment of NORM Residues in the Netherlands

Session G: Miscellaneous 1

V.g.1    NORM Measurements in the Oil and Gas Industry in Argentina

V.g.2    Radioactivity in Produced Water from Oil and Gas Installations-Doses to Biota and Man

V.g.3    Investigation of NORM Activities in Sweden– Dose Estimations to Workers and Public

V.g.4    Exposure and Radiation Protection for Working Areas with Enhanced Natural Radioactivity

V.g.5    Status of Natural Occurring Radionuclides in Copper Mine Wastewater in Zambia

G/6    The Revision of the EURATOM Basic Safety Standards with Regard to Natural Radiation Sources

Session H: Miscellaneous 2

V.h.1    The Trade in Radioactive Materials– Potential Problems and Possible Solutions

V.h.2    Measurement of Surface Contamination According to Legal Requirements

V.h.3    Environmental Impact of Radioactivity in Waste From Coal and Alumina Industry in Western Balkan Countries

V.h.4    The Dependence of Radon Emanation from Red Mud on Heat Treatment

V.h.5    Chemical Types of Bonding of Natural Radionuclides in Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM)

V.h.6    NORM-ALARA (EANNORM) — a new module of the European ALARA Network (EAN)