Side event to ENA workshop 2024: radon & thoron measurements in Domus Aurea !

A side event is planned as part of the forthcoming 3rd ENA Workshop, to be held in Rome from 15 to 17 May 2024. In particular, INAIL, GIG and ISS are promoting an exercise of simultaneous measurements of radon and thoron and their progeny in a natural underground site (Domus Aurea, scheduled for Monday 13 May 2024.

The exercise will last three days: the positioning of the detectors at the site will take place on Monday 13 (afternoon), the measurements will last until Thursday 16 (afternoon) and will be organised so as not to interfere with the conference.

Participation in the side event is restricted to participants of the ENA workshop and is free of charge. Further information and a registration form will be sent out together with the notification of abstract acceptance.

To register to this event, please fill in this form

Please note that as the total number of participants is limited to 15, participation is subject to confirmation.

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