ENA 2020, the 2nd workshop of the European NORM Association is now history

The 2nd ENA workshop 2018 was successfully held in collaboration with the Österreichische Agentur für Gesundheit und Ernährungssicherheit GmbH (AGES). About 90 participants met in different video conference rooms to listen to exciting lectures and interesting developments on radiation protection in connection with naturally occurring radioactivity. Many thanks to the entire team at AGES (Vienna), who managed that we were all VIRTUALLY TOGETHER.

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We are proud and happy that the ENA has developed into a lively, vibrant organization with many points of contact for practitioners, authorities and scientists. Our 2nd workshop has brought together first class NORM experts with excellent, practice-focused presentations.

Update: The second ENA workshop is over and you will find access to the presentations via the announcement section of our ENA social web. For non-members please contact secretary@ena-norm.eu

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