ENA Stipend now open for application

ENA is glad to announce that such a stipend is now available. It may cover, for example, travel expenses to attend a scientific conference, living expenses during a limited period of time to complete a thesis or other piece of scientific work, or the cost of material for a research project. The amount would typically be a few 1000 € and depends on the specific needs and requirements that must be outlined in the application.

The application procedure will not be overly formal. However, for good order’s sake, ENA requests applicants to submit, as a minimum, the following:

  1. Cover letter detailing the motivation to apply for the ENA stipend
  2. CV with a clear indication of the applicant’s scientific background in the field of NORM
  3. Description of the scientific work for which financial assistance is sought, including a brief description of the status quo, the proposed work and activities, and the objective to be achieved using the stipend.
  4. An outline of the costs and expenses for which ENA funding is requested.

Please note that the furtherance of ENA objectives must be demonstrated in the application. See the ENA statutes at our website.

We encourage young scientists and their supervisors to apply.

Eligibility provided, stipends will be awarded on a quarterly basis. Deadlines for applications are the last day of every quarter. Applications will then be reviewed and applicants will be informed about the decision or additional information may be requested.

Membership in ENA is not a precondition of the stipend. Although applicants do not necessarily have to be members of ENA, some demonstrated relationship of their supervisors, working group and/or institution with ENA is considered an asset. ENA also expects that successful applicants will become member of ENA.

We are looking forward to receiving high-quality applications. Please send your application with all documents attached to secretary@ena-norm.eu and we will confirm the reciept.

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