NORM in Industry

The ENA Working Group NORM in Industry intends to develop and promote a library of good practice documents for radiation protection in NORM industries in Europe. During the working group session at ENA workshop, the following regulatory requirements and practical experiences in EU member states, as well as other European countries, are planned to be discussed.

  • Legally defined “positive lists” for NORM residues and NORM practices
  • Other NORM, that is not covered by the EU positive list but in fact, occur in industrial processes
  • NORM classification, in particular, exemption values for work activities, and clearance levels for disposal (including the special role of Pb-210)
  • Classification of NORM for transport
  • Dose estimation methods for workers, with special regard to radon generated by NORM
  • Radiation protection practices, with special emphasis on external workers
  • Products with enhanced concentrations of naturally occurring radionuclides
  • Management and disposal of NORM residues within the context of conventional waste legislation

Different approaches, methods or interpretations that result in conflicts and restrain trade and international industrial cooperation should be addressed. Furthermore, the culture of communication about radiation risks from NORM in the industry to affected workers and the interested public can be considered.

WG leaders: Rainer Gellermann, Christian Kunze