NORM in building materials

WG chair: Konstantin Kovler, vice-chair: Wouter Schroeyers, secretary: Edith Toth-Bodrogi

This working group was established to have a platform on which all kinds of professionals in the field interested in both NORM and building materials are gathered and can exchange their experiences, thoughts and use it as a starting point to develop all kinds of related activities either within or outside ENA. Examples of such activities may include bilateral exchange of information, starting (funded) projects to address specific topics of interest etc. The objective of the working group is to establish a “living document” which can be used by all the members to see what their contribution could be, to add relevant information and as a starting point for the ENA workshops and conferences to be held in the future. It is up to the participants, more specifically those participants interested in cooperating on a certain issue, to set out their timelines and the way they want to communicate (other than meeting during an ENA event).

From the first working group meeting during the Katowice conference the following topics were chosen to start the working group activities with:

  • NORM containing construction materials (including measurements and the dosimetrical assessment of the impact)”
  • NORM Inventory / database building  for safe reuse of NORM in construction

However, the platform can also be used to share other interesting documents on this subject as already have been done on the new Dutch regulation on building materials. ENA members who are interested in this working group are asked to express their interest to the working group secretary Edith Toth-Bodrogi.