NORM in the environment

Several issues linked with potential public/workforce/environment exposure from environmental contamination by NORM and the needs and questions that authorities, industry, scientists, consultants are having and to which this NORM Environment WG may contribute providing solutions as highlighted below.

  • Develop a guidance document on how to integrate the radiological assessment with the overall environmental assessment and come to an integrated site management/remediation approach
  • Develop a guidance document on the approach to risk communication related to NORM legacy sites
  • Tool-box for dispersion models for detailed assessment
  • Development of a meaningful and cost-efficient monitoring program for a NORM site: a structured representation of available documents
  • Training (e.g. refresher courses) related to exposure and impact studies, regulation, monitoring
  • Other? – Comments and suggestions are welcome and will be collected by WG leaders

During the 2018 ENA meeting in Katowice, the topics of training, integrated risk-assessment and risk-communication have been further discussed and the following actions proposed:

  • Integrated Risk-assessment:
  • To organise a dedicated session on this topic during the next ENA workshop in 2020;
  • To collect literature and good practices examples on the subject ;
  • Risk-communication: to collect good guidance around risk-communication;
  • Training : spread through ENA channels (ENA newsletter / website) information about existing training courses;

Please, indicate to which themes you would like to contribute and how. If there are additional issues you think this WG should deal with, please complement.

WG leaders: Hildegarde Vandenhove, Stéphane Pépin