NORM in the environment

***Working group: NORM in the environment under construction***

A first statement was produced during the 3rd EU-NORM symposium in Teddington, UK. The following topics were suggested for further activities in an ENA working group on NORM in the environment:

  • Recommendation to establish guidelines and reference values for the uranium and thorium as chemical components/toxicants; > TASK for ENA? > interaction with EU regulators is needed (comment – look at REACH for U, Bioprota).
  • ENA, as an independent 3rd party, could give scientific advise and generate an expert report on the expected public impact based on available information.
  • Critical evaluation of the DCCs for natural radionuclides certainly for the rather refractory materials which are linked with NORM
  • How to develop a meaningful and cost-efficient monitoring program for a NORM site? How to deal with the uncertainty linked with monitoring results?
    • ENA could collect information documents and make them available in a structured way.
    • ENA could develop guidance on how to deal with uncertainty.
  • Role of ENA is to coordinate the training, to find the lecturers, to identify the laboratory where someone can be trained, make an inventory of the expertise within the ENA association etc., organise refresher courses in relation to workshops and

First spreadsheets were created and are open for your collaborative input:

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