Decommissioning of NORM facilities

Several abandoned facilities and currently active facilities that are reaching the end of their lifecycle are facing challenges with NORM. There is a lack of regulation at the country level and of guidelines at the EU level regarding NORM management and decommissioning of industry facilities related to NORM. The heterogeneity of the industries hinders the harmonization of protocols and practices. There is a need to build a common approach and foster knowledge exchange between countries and industrial stakeholders. The high uncertainty on how to manage NORM and the related RP issues lead to the foundation of this working group. The goal is to generate a common understanding of the problem of NORM and the decommissioning of facilities.

The practical approach is to:

  • Foster a dialogue between NORM industries’ operators and regulatory authorities in order to disentangle the regulatory gaps and the challenges at the operative level
  • Identify success decommissioning cases and best practices in NORM management
  • Produce scientific and dissemination material to advocate for policy and regulatory development

The working group is addressed to:

  • Industry operators that produce NORM waste in their facilities
  • Governmental and regulatory authorities in the field of radiation protection and radioactive waste management
  • Service providers such as laboratories and consultants
  • Research and scientific organizations focused in the fields of radiological protection, management of NORM and dismantling of NORM facilities

The working group is chaired by Fidel Grandia, Amphos21