ENA workshop 2024 in a nutshell

Around 100 participants have attended the 3rd ENA workshop in the Istituto Superiore di Sanita in Rome. 3 days of lively discussions on topical issues in NORM: how to valorize residues containing NORM ? How to integrate NORM aspects in a global environmental protection and Health & Safety perspective ? How to improve the metrology of natural radionuclides ?

A joint ENA and European ALARA network session focused on the implementation of the optimization principle in the field of NORM. New industries involving NORM have been presented such as transport and treatment of Liquefied Natural Gas. A panel discussion on radon and NORM in workplaces discussed the challenges of managing radon and other exposures pathway in a consistent manner in NORM workplaces.

Perfectly organized by our Italian friends, the workshop allowed a new generation of NORM experts to present their work. They competed for the ENA Young Professionals award which was attributed to Marcin Plachciak from AMPHOS 21 company for his innovative work on remediation of a NORM legacy from DCP production.

Marcin Plachciak receives the ENA Young Professional Award from ENA vice-president Christian Kunze
 Research in NORM has a bright future !
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