Contact Points

Contact Points of the ENA network are individuals with proven experience in specific fields as shown in the list below. They may be contacted by email.

NameFirst nameAffiliationPositionEmailCountryPlaceProfessional Experience
AhrensChristianNuclear Control & Consulting GmbHBranch Managerchristian.ahrens@nuclear-cc.deGermanyBerlinMSc. Environmental Scientist. Since 2015 in the field of NORM with focus on exposure estimation and dose assessment for workplaces, residue characterization, waste management, characterization and remediation of legacy sites. NORM in industries e.g. residue management. Technology development. Secretary of the European NORM Association (ENA).
BiermansGeertFederal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC)Expert natural radioactivityGeert.biermans@fanc.fgov.beBelgiumBrusselsExpert on natural radioactivity (NORM, contaminated sites and cosmic radiation) at the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC – Belgian radiation protection authority).

Expertise on environmental radioactivity and exposure of non-human biota.
BolivarJuan PedroUniversity of Huelva, Department of Applied PhysicsVicerrector

Director of the Research Group Radiation Physics and Environment

bolivar@uhu.esSpainHuelvaDevelopping of radiometric methods to measure low levels of natural radionuclides in the environment.

Evaluation of radioactive environmental impact of NORM industries.

Evaluation of the radiological occupational exposiures of NORM industries.

Meteorology and atmospheric pollution (ozone and its precursors).

Application of natural radionuclides as markers of environmental processes.
BonczykMichałSilesian Centre for Environmental RadioactivityResearchermbonczyk@gig.euPolandKatowicePhysicist & Environmental Engineer, PhD,
Occupational Radiation Protection,
NORM/TENORM, industrial waste,
Environmental contamination,
Field measurements,
Gamma-Ray Spectrometry
CarvalhoFernando P.Laboratório de Protecção e Segurança Radiológica

Instituto Superior Técnico/Campus Tecnológico Nuclear. Universidade de Lisboa

Estrada Nacional 10, km 139,7

2695-066 Bobadela LRS

Principal Investigatorcarvalho@ctn.tecnico.ulisboa.ptPortugalSacavémResearch on alpha emitting radionuclides in the environment and at the worplace. Analysis by alpha and gamma spectrometry.
On going work on Norms (phosphate) and mining industry, including uranium industry.

Examples of publications:
Fernando P. Carvalho, Obete F. Matine, Suzete Tíımo, João M. Oliveira, Lidia Silva and Margarida Malta. Radionuclides and radiation doses in heavy mineral sands and other mining operations in Mozambique. Radiation Protection Dosimetry (2014), Vol. 158, No. 2, pp. 181–186

F. P. Carvalho, João M. Oliveira (2008). Bioassay of 210Po in human urine and internal contamination of man. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 280: 363-366.

F. P. Carvalho, J. M. Oliveira (2008). Radioactivity in soils and horticulture products near uranium mining sites. In: Uranium Mining and Hydrogeology, Broder J. Merkel and A. Hasche-Berger (Ed.), pp 381-387. Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

F.P. Carvalho, 1995. 210Po and 210Pb intake by the Portuguese population: the contribution of seafood in the dietary intake of 210Po and 210Pb. Health Physics 69(4): 469-480.
ChavasseRolandTantalum-Niobium International Study Center (T.I.C.)DirectorDirector@tanb.orgBelgiumLasneRoland Chavasse is Director to the T.I.C. and has experience of working on NORM transport issues concerning tantalum and niobium raw materials.
DelosAnneFreelancerRadioactivity expert, BL environmentan4expertise@gmail.comFranceLyonDr. Ing. Anne Delos is in charge of environmental nuclear activities. She is an Engineer in Geology (ENSG, France, 2000) and she has a PhD from the Politechnical University of Catalonia, UPC, 2007. Her PhD dealt with the colloidal transport of radionuclides in groundwaters. Her main areas of expertise are diagnostic of soils and groundwater impacted by radioactive and chemical materials, mixed pollution management (from characterization to management) and NORM waste characterization and management. She is specialised in Environmental risk assessment, and Nuclear and hazardous waste performance assessment. She participated in several European project within the EURATOM program. She worked for nuclear field actors (such as AREVA, EDF, CEA, ANDRA) and for NORM industries (TiO2, phosphogypsum, phosphate industries, rare earth elements, Oil and Gas). Among the presentations in international conferences, she participated as invited speaker on NORM issues in O&G industries to the national conference of AIRP (2015, Matera, Italy). Since 2016, she participates as a French delegate to the IAEA NORM project.
DöringJoachimBundesamt für StrahlenschutzFachgebietsleiter / Head Coordinating Office for ENORMjdoering@bfs.deGermanyBerlinNatural radioactivity, measuring methods for alpha-, beta-, gamma-radiations, dosimetry, gamma-spectrometry, estimate of activity concentrations in industrial residues with enhanced natural radioactivity, e.g. from gas- and oil-industry, estimate of exposure to workers at working places and to individuals of the public
EngelbrechtRudolfSeibersdorf Labor GmbHHead of group radiochemistry, radiation safety and applicationsrudolf.engelbrecht@seibersdorf-laboratories.atAustriaSeibersdorfRudolf Engelbrecht is Head of the Radiochemical Analytics Group of the Department Radiation Safety and Applications of the Seibersdorf Labor GmbH. His working fields comprises internal dosimetry, radiochemical analysis of environmental media by alpha spectrometry, liquid scintillation counting, and gamma spectrometry and the evaluation of exposure to technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive materials as a prerequisite for risk assessments with some emphasis on the determination of committed effective dose. Rudolf Engelbrecht is author of the chapter “Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring” in Michael F. L'Annunziata’s Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis (s. DOI: 695 © 2012 Elsevier Inc.)
Ernst-ElzAndreasMinisterium für Energiewende, Landwirtschaft, Umwelt,
Natur und Digitalisierung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein, Referat Strahlenschutz
head of divisionAndreas.Ernst-Elz@melund.landsh.deGermanyKielAdministration:

– competent authority for: monitoring of environmental radiation, licensing the handling of radioactive substances and government surveillance, government surveillance of use of X-rays, measures along with illicit use of radioactive substances

Profession: physicist, lecturer in radiation protection courses, radiation protection commissioner

FentonDavidEnvironmental Protection AgencyManager, Radon and Radiation Measurement Servicesd.fenton@epa.ieIrelandThe Environmental Protection Agency provides advice and information to the public and Irish government on the protection against the hazards from cosmic radiation, naturally occurring radioactive materials and radon gas in homes and workplaces.
Garcia-TenorioRafaelUniversity of Seville, Department of Applied Physics, II E.T.S ArquitecturaResearch Professorgtenorio@us.esSpainSevilleOccupational and public radiological assesments associated to several NORM industries (Phosphoric acid production factories by the wet acid method; titanium dioxide plant, gas production facilities).

Research regarding decomissioning of NORM facilities and the remediation of NORM contaminated lands.
GellermannRainerNuclear Control & Consulting GmbHDepartment ManagerRainer.gellermann@nuclear-cc.deGermanyBraunschweigPhysicist; Research in application of decay series radionuclides in geo- and environmental sciences from 1977 to 1990. Since 1990 work in environmental consulting with a focus on naturally occurring radionuclides.

Special experience with
- Radiological characterization of NORM.
- Process analysis regarding TENORM formation in industrial processes.
- Estimation and assessment of radiation exposures from NORM and other radioactive substances.
- Radio-ecological modelling.
- Assessment and remediation of radioactive contaminated sites.
- Clearance of NORM residues and radioactive waste from regulatory control.
- Radionuclide migration in groundwater. Groundwater monitoring.
JonesKellyPublic Health EnglandSpecialist Radiation Protection Scientist KingdomChiltonNORM Environmental Risk Assessments.
Advising on development of legislation related to NORM.
JuhászLászlóNational Research Institute for Radiobiology and RadiohygieneSenior scientistjuhasz@osski.huHungaryBudapest– performing measurements for radiation levels

– improvement of environmental monitoring

– developing codes and calculations for radiation protection

– radwaste (L/I/HLW) management

– remediation of uranium mining / milling and contaminated area

– evaluation of TENORM situation

KostovLatchesarNuclear Regulatory AgencyDeputy ChairmanL.Kostov@bnra.bgBulgariaSofia
KoufakisMarkosSwedish Radiation Safety Authority,

Department of Radioactive Materials

Analyst, Control and Protectionmarkos.koufakis@ssm.seSwedenStockholm– Radio physicist, qualified medical physicist, analyst in NORM issues.

– Extensive experience i.a. in personal dosimetry issues (external and internal dose assessments), qualified shielding calculations, in situ gamma spectrometry, radiation protection training courses for workers at scrap metal recycling industry.

KovácsTiborUniversity of PannoniaHead of the Institute of Radiochemistry and Radioecologykt@almos.vein.huHungaryVeszprém– Radioanalytical measurements of NORM/TENORM samples with alpha-particle spectrometry and gamma ray spectrometry

– Field measurements around NORM disposal

– Radon/Thoron emanation and exhalation measurements

– Development of radon/thoron measurement methods

– Development of a contaminant dispersion modelling software

– Waste management and usability alternatives of NORMs

– Co-ordinator of international collaborations and projects

KunzeChristianIAF-Radioökologie GmbHManaging Directorkunze@iaf-dresden.deGermanyRadebergDiploma and PhD in Physics, MBA (Birmingham)

Active in fields related to radiation protection since 1995, particularly in the field of Uranium mining and milling (closure, rehabilitation). Responsible for development of WISUTEC’s NORM/TENORM practice since 2002. Experience in numerous German and international projects in the field of NORM/TENORM, assessment, characterisation, handling, recycling and disposal.

LadygieneRimaRadiation Protection CentreHead of Division of Radiological Investigationsr.ladygiene@rsc.ltLithuaniaVilniusResearch activities: environmental radioactivity, dose calculations, radiation protection publications: (with co–authors) more than 20
MichalikBoguslawCentral Mining Institutesenior scentistbmichalik@gig.katowice.plPolandKatowiceNORM in hard coal mining, NORM Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA –radionuclide migration, transfer factors, dose to biota), NORM Occupational Risk Assessment, gamma spectroscopy
MoraJuan-Carlos(CIEMAT) Center for research of energy, environment and technology.Researcherjc.mora@ciemat.esSpainMadridPhysicist. Fiftheen years working in different national research centers, in environmental radioactivity measurements laboratories. Nowadays working in NORM doses evaluations and modelling for workers and for the public.
MuruKarinEnvironmental BoardRadiation Safety Department, Section HeadKarin.Muru@keskkonnaamet.eeEstoniaTallinnAdministration:
– Authorization and licensing process.
– Safety assessment
– Occupational exposure control
Otáhal PetrNational Institute for NBC ProtectionHead of the Nuclear Protection Departmentotahal@sujchbo.czCzech RepublicMilinHead of the Nuclear Protection Department, responsibility for uranium mining dosimetry in the Czech Republic.
The study of natural radioactivity in soil, water and in the atmosphere (mainly radon and its short decay products).
NuccetelliCristinaIstituto Superiore di SanitáSenior researchercristina.nuccetelli@iss.itItalyRomeExperimental and computational research in environmental radioactivity both of natural and artificial origin.
PepinStéphaneFederal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC)Expert natural radioactivityStephane.pepin@fanc.fgov.beBelgiumBrussels– Expert on natural radioactivity (NORM, contaminated sites and cosmic radiation) at the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC – Belgian radiation protection authority)

– Steering committee member of the EU NORM-symposia
PrlićIvicaInstitute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Unit for Radiation Dosimetry and RadiobiologyHead of the Unit for Radiation Dosimetry and Radiobiologyiprlic@imi.hrRepublic of CroatiaZagrebParticipant in
– projects in the field of Radiation Protection since 1985 performed at the IMROH under the Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology,
– several international projects under the IAEA.TC, Research and Model Programme till 1995,
– international projects under the EU FP 6 programme (ERICA, FUTURAE, PROTECT),
– international projects under the PHARE 2006 Programme,
– further regional and national projects during past twenty years and
– lecturing radiation protection to specialists.

Present academic status at IMROH: Professional consultant
SchmidtPeterWismut GmbHHead of Department for Environmental Monitoring and Radiation– Study of nuclear physics, specialization in physic of radiation protection and health physics (interaction of ionising radiation with matter, dosimetry; cosmic dosimetry, applications in the fields dosimetry at spacecrafts and dosimetry at high energy accelerators, individual dosimetry using film/TL/SSNT detectors)

– Radiation physics in medicine, quality assurance at diagnostic X ray facilities, operation of an individual dosimetry service

– Since 1995: work as radio-ecologist at Wismut GmbH (the WISMUT Project in Germany is the biggest project of rehabilitation of uranium mining and milling sites worldwide)

– Since 2001: member of sub-committees of the German RP Commission

Working fields:
– Radioecology, in particular assessment of the radiological impact of uranium mining and milling legacies
– exposure analysis
– development of measurement procedures to characterize contaminations with naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM)
– radon/radon progeny measurements and assessments
– development of solutions for the treatment and safeguard of NORM
– design and operation of radiological monitoring systems
– project management (since 1997 work as project manager or key expert radio-ecology in EC/World Bank funded projects in Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle Asia and Africa)
– training activities (e. g. as lecturer on behalf of the IAEA; participation in expert missions of the IAEA)
SchulzHartmutIAF-Radioökologie GmbHManaging Director, Manager of EAN-NORMschulz@iaf-dresden.deGermanyRadebergExpert in radiation physics, working more than 20 years on the field of natural radioactivity.

Recently the major tasks are:
– investigation and assessment of contamination of soils, sediments, waste products, building materials, surface and ground water, biological materials and the atmosphere by radioactive substances,
– calculation of exposures to radioactive substances,
– modelling the dispersion of radioactive dust and radon and the migration of radionuclides and heavy metals in the environment,
– expert for NORM, e.g. oil- and gas industry, production of fertilizers, combustion of coal, water treatment.
SchwelaUlricSalus MineralisDirectorulric@schwela.comUnited KingdomThorntonTrained in Chemistry, Sampling Theory, and as Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS).
Key experience in sampling and analysis of NORM minerals. Working since 1997 in regulatory compliance, and since 2000 in radiation protection and transport of radioactive materials, as well as awareness raising and facilitation of transport in compliance with regulatory requirements.
Worked for a global analytical laboratory, an international industry association, individual companies transporting NORM, and as consultant for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on several projects, including CRP on NORM, and IAEA mission to Malaysia. Represent industry association as Observer on the IAEA Transport Safety Standards Committee.
Also NORM related fields of Denial of Shipment of Radioactive Materials / Transport Facilitation.
SmithAndrewRisk Management Systems Ltd.Director – Risk (HSSE & SR & SD) Management Consultantdrandrewlsmith@dsl.pipex.comUKKemnayDr. Smith’s seminal paper „Radioactive Scale Formation“ was presented to the RSC in Manchester, UK; at the OTC in 1985 and published in JPT June 1987. During the 1980’s he developed the original Low Specific Activity Radioactive Scale [NORM] radiological standards and procedures within the UKCS.   He prepared a Briefing Note on NORM submitted to the UK House of Lord’s enquiry on the Decommissioning of Oil & Gas Installations, 1995/6. The IAEA has acknowledged that his review made a most valuable contribution to the development of Safety Reports Series No. 34, „Radiation Protection and Management of Radioactive Waste in the Oil and Gas Industry“, 2003. An October 2008 Louisiana Court highlighted that his JPT June 1987 paper contributed to the body of scientific literature by demonstrating the first correlation between API GR units and radiological dose. Prior to this the oil & gas industry had not recognized the potential topside health concerns from radioactive scale in tubulars. He recently presented SPE 125661 on NORM: The Lessons to be Learned, New Challenges and Innovative Thinking with Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste at the 10th SPE HSE Int’l Conf in Oil & Gas E&P, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 2010. He has been retained as an oil & gas industry litigation consultant with particular expertise on NORM and is the SPE Distinguished Lecturer on HSE (NORM) for the 2010 / 11 season.

• IAEA Environet NORM Project – UK member 2017-2020(1)
SteffanErnst-MichaelWirtschaftsverband Erdöl- und Erdgasgewinnung e. V. (WEG) / ehem. ExxonMobil Production Deutschland GmbHEnvironmental & Regulatory Compliance Advisor Radiation Protection (NORM Response / NORM Surveys) and Dangerous Goods Advisor
ernst-michael.steffan@t-online.deGermanyHannover– Industrial Hygiene Contact / Officer for Dangerous Materials / Radiation Protection Officer

– Environmental Protection Officer (Transportation Officer for Dangerous Goods, Waste Management Officer, Water protection Officer)

– Production Geology

– Reservoir Technology

StroudeRaphaëlFederal office of public health (FOPH)Scientific collaboratorraphael.stroude@bag.admin.chSwitzerlandBernSurveillance authority regarding radiological protection. Specialist in aspects of regulation, assessments and measure, worker protection, legacies and waste management or treatment regarding NORM.
TrevisiRosabiancaINAILResearcherr.trevisi@inail.itItalyMonterporzio Catone (Rome)Radon monitoring, radon dosimetry, NORM, building materials
TrottiFlavioVeneto Regional Environmental Prevention and Protection Agency (ARPA)Responsible of physical agents (noise, ionising and non ionising radiations) regional observatory – Physicistftrotti@arpa.veneto.itItalyVeronaCoordination of physical agents control activity in regional territory. Management of environmental radioactivity reference laboratory for Veneto (both for artificial and natural radioactivity). Project leader in national survey on environmental impact of work activities involved with NORM.
VarskogPerNorse Decom ASManaging Directorper.varskog@norse-decom.noNorwayKjellerManaging Director of Norse Decom AS (ND), a subsidiary of Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), specialising in services connected to the handling and management of NORM materials. PV has a doctorate in Environmental Chemistry and more than 20 years of experience as a researcher and project leader on environmentally oriented projects. Worked with monitoring and assessment of radioactivity for 6 years at Institute for Energy Technology (IFE). Project leader for LSA services delivered by IFE and ND in the decommissioning projects of Brent Spar, Maureen Alpha, Hutton TLP, Frigg and Ekofisk. Responsible for the development and implementation of the Norwegian LSA Scale Repository. Currently engaged as Radiation Protection Advisor in Talisman Energy Norge AS.
VesterbackaPiaRadiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)Head of Laboratorypia.vesterbacka@stuk.fiFinlandHelsinkiRegulatory control of natural radiation in industry, mines, building materials and household water
WelbergenJeroenCentrale Organisatie Voor Radioactief Afval (COVRA)head of HSE and QAjeroen.welbergen@covra.nlNetherlandsNieuwdorp3 years as researcher at Delft University
WiegersRobIBR Consult BVManagerr.wiegers@ibrconsult.nlNetherlandsHaelenInvolved in application of the NORM regulation in the Netherlands and abroad. Member of several (inter)national NORM workgroups and committees. Advisor of (inter)national NORM industries in the field of compliance and measures to be taken regarding the handling and treatment of NORM materials and wastes.

Work on indoor radon modelling and measurement of Radon from building materials.

ZenatáIvanaState Office for Nuclear SafetyInspector for radiation protection, head of Unit of Natural Sourcesivana.zenata@sujb.czCzech RepublicOstrava- work in radiation protection (since 1986)
- work for the authority body (SONS) in fields NORM workplaces, NORM waste management, radon, cosmic radiation, building material, drinking water (since 1995)