Foundation of ENA

The European NORM Association (ENA) has been formed by merging the European NORM networks EANNORM and EU NORM and was also based on the NORM4Building consortium.

The Statutes of ENA and the Code of Ethics can be downloaded here.

The European NORM Association (ENA) is a platform of experts from:

  • industry operators and industry associations that are dealing with natural radioactivity in their raw materials, processes and residues;
  • governmental and regulatory authorities in the field of radiation protection;
  • service providers such as laboratories and consultants;
  • research and scientific organisations.

The new association will be stronger and more efficient and avoid duplication of efforts. ENA brings together European expertise in the field of NORM and is expected to be recognised as a counterpart for the industry, research and politics at the European level as unbiased consultation for new regulations and guidelines.

The 1st ENA and 9th EANNORM Workshop will be held from 19th to 23rd of November 2018 at the Central Mining Institute of Katowice, Poland. The call for paper is available here.

Mission Statement and Objectives of ENA

Promote and advance radiation protection in the context of exposure to NORM by operating as a European platform and forum for discussion, dissemination and exchange of information, training and education and by supporting scientific knowledge and new directions of research related to NORM issues.

The overarching objective of the ENA is to support the management of NORM in compliance with European standards and Member State legislation and according to best practice so that legal and regulatory uncertainty is minimised, and humans and the environment are protected in an optimised way that is acceptable to society.


ENA’s activities include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Conferences: format similar to EU NORM Symposia
  • Workshops: format similar to EANNORM workshops
  • Network of specialist throughout EU, possibly continuing the Contact Points known from EANNORM
  • Unbiased counterpart at EU level for regulations and guidelines
  • Close links to “NORM industry” associations
  • Strong relationship with IRPA and national RP associations
  • Links with ERA and other networks
  • Interest of IAEA to continue close collaboration, e.g., through the ENVIRONET NORM Project

Working Groups (WG) will be set up to focus on priority areas of interest. The following WG have been discussed during the EU NORM Symposium in Teddington/UK (2nd – 5th October 2017):


Membership is open to individuals and organisations, see membership fee schedule. Membership benefits include the following:

  • Opportunity to join one or more Working Groups (WG) and regular update on developments in the WG
  • Access to a contact database of NORM experts from industry, academia, laboratories, consultancies and regulators across Europe (formerly called “Contact points” under EANNORM)
  • Discount of 10% on registration fees of Workshops, Symposia and other events
  • Free access to conference papers and presentations of the last EANNORM and EU NORM events

Download the membership application form, complete and send it to (treasurer) or

Foundation status

ENA has been registered at a Notary Public in Brussel on 27th September 2017 as an International Non-Profit Association under Belgian law (ASBLI – Association sans but lucratif internationale). The Statutes have been published in the Official Gazette of Belgium on April 16, 2018. Both legal and natural persons are invited to become members.

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